Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Dear Ténéré Tragics fans and followers: We have just made the shift from this Blogspot page across to a dedicated Facebook page to post all our Ténéré Tragics news, mail, photos and ride reports. You will also be able to post your Comments on the Facebook page.

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-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

Sunday, February 26, 2012


Hi Clubby: It's getting close now, so time for another update from our corner of the Tragics world!
I have a new set of off-road maps arriving Monday for my Garmin. They were only released last Thursday! Hopefully I can get my head around the new program. These type of maps are very basic, unlike roads and highways where you can plot everything. Anyway I have maps (printed types) as well!
Updates on our bikes are as follows:
1). Col has just had new tyres and H/D tubes fitted, fresh chain and cogs, new fork seals/oil/spacer, front brake master cylinder and caliper rebuild upgrade and then a test ride -- but, oops, there's an oil leak! The next time I see him will probably be as we are leaving to go to Bathurst next weekend as he will be working away all this week.
2). Pete has now picked up his bike after its blue slip, green slip ... and a massive rebuild! It's going through rego next week at Wellington. His bike had a rebore, head rebuild, new front rim/spokes, two new tyres and tubes and new fork seals. It had the same front brake rebuild as Col's bike, except it also included a new braided line as we couldn't get the brakes to pump up as the hose was old and bulging under pressure. It also scored new chain and cogs, new chain guide, new front and rear fenders, repair of the taillight bracket and flashers ... plus heaps more items too many to mention now!
3). My 'Baby' has been upgraded with a sump mod, Hepco bash plate, Yamaha engine bars with Col's version of a support bar (powder-coated), electronic cruise control, adjustable windscreen, wind deflectors (modded), extra power outlet, GPS, UHF, music, Bagster tank cover, SW Motech tank bag, GPS ram ball and new tyres as it was assembled. We've also given it a paint job (as per the European Off-Road 2012 'Special Edition' model). Took her for a test ride today Dubbo to Molong (gelato factory) to Mumbil to Wellington and home -- all went fairly well in the rain all the way! Marg and some mates also came along for the ride. Test fitted the luggage when I got home, but I still can't decide whether to topbox it or run a waterproof bag (as per Arkaroola trip).
Anyway, that's our news, can't wait until next week -- hope you had an eventful weekend of pre-planning!
-- Dave, Ténéré Tragic #21

Crikey, Dave, has there been any time for paying customers' bikes in the Readford's Yamaha workshop over the past month?! It sounds like you boys and your Ténérés have been keeping the workshop flat-out! Can't wait to see Pete's '83 model, for it sounds like it has had a serious make-over -- excellent! And exactly what colour is your 1200 going to be? The European Limited Edition model is available in a couple of different colour options (the white/red one is shown in this photo), so which one have you re-created? As for me, well, YES, I did have an eventful long weekend of final pre-ride route checking. I absolutely sizzled for two days down south and was hampered by a closed section of state forest that is now being logged, so much re-routing work was required there. Then yesterday, I was out near Bathurst and, like you, got piddled on from a great height for the entire day. With the weather so unpredictable these days, I would say all Ténéré Tragics this year best be prepared for blazing heat and drizzling rain, as we are sure to cop it all at some stage over the five days of the ride. Okay, mate, see you boys at Bathurst next Sunday arvo ... for crying out loud don't forget the printed maps!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

Hi Tania & Clubby: It's Friday, February 24, as I write this note and I'm just about to toss the panniers over the seat ready to leave in the morning as I set off for the 2012 Ténéré Tragics Mountain to Mountain Run. I have had to change my route and will be coming via Echuca in Victoria, so if any of the other Tragics heading north out of Victoria catch up to a Ténéré, I will be more than happy to have the company. Looking forward to the ride and catching up next week!
-- John, Ténéré Tragic #36

Good luck on the long trip south, John; we can't wait to catch up again at Bathurst next weekend. Now, for those who don't know, John hails from the Northern Territory, so needless to say he has a few miles ahead of him in just getting to the Tragics event -- but can you believe he is going via Victoria to get to Bathurst?! Once again John's a definite candidate for the Most Kilometres Ridden in getting to the event Award!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

Our good mate Dave Williams from Fair Dinkum Bike Tours Cairns just sent us a note to advise a good mate of his has a little-used Yamaha XT1200Z Supere Tenere for-sale -- here are the details:
2010 Yamaha XT1200Z Super Tenere 1200.
Price $16,000.
Still has two brand new Continental tyres to go on, existing rear nearly shot, front 90 per cent good.
Fitted with bar risers, Pivot Pegz, Motorrad Garage alloy bash plate and crash bars.
Never been dropped or even scratched.
Solo Qld rego till June 2012, but it has the rear pegs on it. Nothing changed from original.
Only ever ridden by an excellent mature rider on Sundays!
For more details, call Dave on (07) 4053 6999 or (0412) 950 192

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hi Clubby & Tania: Getting very excited. Only nine sleeps until we leave Adelaide to head to Bathurst. It's great to now have all the information on the fuel/food stops. I think Glenn and Michael were considering if they can set me up as a mobile food truck complete with an esky full of beer to meet them at the lunch stops ... but we’ll see. Café Latte anyone!
The ute and trailer is ready to go and I am more than happy to have sponsors stickers added to the vehicle for the Run and also if needed to be back-up for Pete. Here’s hoping no fellow riders will need a lift back ... unlike last year!
Attached is a photo of the boys' bikes as they were getting ready for a recent ride – unfortunately Greg who owns the white Ténéré is unable to make it to Tragics. In our group of friends there are seven Ténérés in total but I haven’t been able to get them all together for a photo. Michael is unsure if he is taking the ’88, which won him an award last year, or his recently acquired 750 Super Ténéré. He also has an ’83 sitting in the shed if need be. Too many options!
Well, back to the prep. Look forward to seeing you all at Bathurst.
-- Caron, Ténéré Tragic supporter, wife of Glenn (Dambo), Ténéré Tragic #14

Great news, Caron, and congrats to all your SA crew as you tie off all the loose ends for your Ténéré Tragics trip this year. Can’t wait to catch up with you all again, and thanks also for the offer of acting as an added support vehicle running from each overnight stop to the next. I am sure your vehicle and trailer will come in handy at some stage or another ... but you might live to regret the offer of Cafe Lattes -- Wolfy and Russ will be stopping you every chance they get! Can’t wait to see just which Ténéré Michael arrives on this year! Okay, I need to get out and do some more pre-running. C U soon!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

Dear Tragics: My preparation is almost complete on the 660: Service - tick; Tyres - tick; Staintunes on - tick. I really can't wait, just need those little wobbly mirrors, but from where? Oh, and I better book those hotels!
-- Ralph, Ténéré Tragic

Thanks for the fast update, Ralph, it will be great to have you along this year as a Ténéré Tragic virgin! Now, if I may, I need to make a quick introduction to all our fellow Tragics that you will actually be 'hard at work' on this year's Run -- as Ralph is a freelance journalist and will be writing a number of articles on the event for national magazines. Ralph, if you need any info from any of our Tragics re any matter Ténéré, do not hesitate to ask ... they are all fountains of information on all things Ténéré related!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

Monday, February 20, 2012


Hi there Tragics: I thought I would take a moment to send in a photo of our workshop with a 'Triple Treat' of Ténérés being prepared for this year's big ride. There's my 1200 waiting for a heap of goodies to be fitted; Col's '86 ZS getting some TLC; and Pete's '83 600 undergoing major surgery. There have been much fun and games with time constraints based around work and parts availability making for interesting scenarios as to when these bikes actually be ready to ride!
Best regards and we'll see you all at the Mountain.
-- Dave Readford, Ténéré Tragic #21

Now Dave, we have ultimate faith in you and all the boys there at Readford's Motorcycles in Dubbo getting that mighty trio of Ténérés ship-shape for this year's Tragics Run. Look forward to seeing you in Bathurst.
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1