Tuesday, June 21, 2011



Incredibly brilliant, I say. Inspired by the original Tragics ride earlier this year (that I couldn't make), I took myself on my own Tragics Triumphant Tour up the Flinders and Gammon Ranges just yesterday.
Over the last month I was busy 'gearing-up' my Tenere 660 for some off-road action. Barkbusters, Wolfman racks, Rotopax fuel cell, Pivot Pegz, bashplate, Rolie bag, Mitas E07 tyres, GPS and some handlebar risers for some extra comfort stand-up riding (because I'm six-foot).
My dad (75 years young) and I rode up to Leigh Creek and went on a scenic flight over Cooper Creek and Lake Eyre out from Lyndhurst. A few days later we split ways as his road tyres on his new Triumph Bonneville weren't gonna match it on the dirt. I packed all the necessary emergency and camping gear including Jetboil -- how good is that thing! ($69.95au posted from USA, backcountry.com, bargain, just don't let adventuremoto know).
Past Wilpena I turned off the bitumen onto dirt (gravel really) and headed for Wirrealpa then onto Arkaroola. The scenery was amazing and road users nowhere to be seen. The ride was fantastic and I couldn't believe how well my bike handled the rough stuff. An overnight stay at Arkaroola then headed off to Copley through Italowie gorge. More dirt action and besides my bike occasionally asking me "does my butt look big in this?", it absolutely swallowed up the dusty gravel kilometres. A quick latte and custard tart at Copley then down to Parachilna via Beltana. Fang a left through Parachilna Gorge for some wet creek crossings amongst the picturesque creek beds. A quick chat to some locals at Blinman then here to Hawker again.
What an amazing two day off-road adventure, and I'm so happy with my Tenere. Admittedly, I should have had someone with me, but all who know me aren't surprised I went solo. My grandma, who did her first tandem skydive at 80 then 90 years also, always said that I was lucky enough to be blessed with a great spirit of adventure.
Anyway, enough from me, time to finish my drink and head back to my accommodation ready for the windy trip home to Adelaide tomorrow. All the best!
-- Maryann Eime.

Thanks for the ride report, Maryann, and we're rapt to know you're out there and putting your very well set-up Ténéré to such good use. Make sure you get in fast when entries open for the 2012 Ténéré Tragics ride as we'd be rapt to have you there. Ride on!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1