Tuesday, March 29, 2011



Hi Clubby & Fellow Tragics: Following on from the recent Run to the Rocks and having had some nervous moments on the trip, I felt the need to expose my Ténéré to more enduro-type tracks and for me to "harden up a bit"! It may even be worth a few articles on dual-sport riding techniques in upcoming TRAIL ZONE editions to help prep the Tragics for next year?
The included photos are from a recent excursion in the wet (as usual) around Pomona on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. There were interludes of open, although rutted track, followed by quagmires where 4WDs have done their best to make them impassible. The Tenere did not appreciate the bog hole I put her in (shown in attached photo being held up by a fellow rider) and getting her out proved to be a bit of a mission in the slippery mud, but overall it was a character building experience -- that is, one that does not kill you and you learn from.
I had my suspension wound out a bit and the Ténéré comfortably handled the G-outs experienced when at pace across the erosion mounds. Speaking of which, my new replacement number plate has now been repositioned as per the specs on your Blog and although doing my best to dislodge it, it is still in place!
On another matter, you no doubt have numerous photos of the Ténéré Tragics ride that will not see the light of day in publications or on the web site. Is it possible to get a copy of these or will they be available for purchase in the future as a special-edition CD?
Thanks again!
-- Mike Ruoso, Ténéré Tragic #19

Now, Mike, I am seriously impressed! Keep up this trail and enduro-type training on your mighty 660 and you will dance through next year’s Ténéré Tragics ride on the back wheel, with a spray of roost behind you all the way! Great stuff. I can’t remember, but had you installed stiffer fork springs in your 660? If not, do it! It’s only a couple of hundreds bucks for firmer fork springs and oil and the difference this easy mod makes to the way the 660 handles the dirt is astounding. The same goes for the rear end, although installing an Ohlins shock like we did with our XT660Z Ténéré Project Bike last year is rather more expensive than a set of fork springs ... I like your idea re riding tips in the mag, although if you want a free tip on getting some adventure bike riding tips right now, get onto the www.adventuremoto.com.au web site and order a copy of the Advanced Dual-Sport Riding Techniques DVD ($39.95) and then settle back in front of the big screen and take it all in. It's loaded with a zillion great tips you can put to good use on your next rides. As for your request about the photos from the Ténéré Tragics ride, stay tuned and we’ll put out a bulletin to the Tragics and see how many of you are interested. Ride on!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1


Hi Clubby &Tania: After the Ténéré Tragics weekend I decided to stay on at Arkaroola and explore a couple more of the tracks around the place -- and really enjoyed it. On the third day it started persistently pissing down, which meant all roads were closed, so I was stuck there for a couple more days. Mind you, it's not a bad place to get stuck -- as you guys had already found out! The staff at Arkaroola were very friendly and with a bar on-hand, it was pretty easy to take, plus the staff kept mentioning again how much they enjoyed having us Tragics around!
Anyway, I left it a day to let the water run out a bit, so it was a different ride back out to Copely with all the dry river beds now running water! But they were pretty shallow, so no dramas.
I left the Flinders thinking I'd definitely get back there some time, as it's great bike country.
I finally found my way back home to Tassie. It's been hard to wipe the smile from my face the whole time. So thanks again for organising this event and also to all the guys I rode with, it's been great.
These photos are all taken around Arkaroola. Like I said, it's well worth spending a bit of time there.
Hopefully I will get to see you on the next Tragics run!
-- Tassie Pete, Ténéré Tragic #11

Thanks for the post-event update, Pete. I heard that Broken Hill copped more rain after most of us made our way through the day or two after the Tragics event, so all that weather obviously came across from the Flinders. We really did luck out that we had good weather the weekend of the event, because like I said a few times in the build-up to the ride, when the Flinders gets wet, so many of the clay-based tracks turn to gloopy quagmires, which aren't much fun to ride at all! Least of all a heavyweight new Ténéré or Super Ténéré that keeps wanting to chock the front wheel under the low guard and spit you on your ear! Anyway, mate, keep smiling, and we hope to see you at next year’s Tragics event. Ride on!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

Wednesday, March 16, 2011



Hi Clubby, Tania and all fellow Tragics: I arrived home in Brisbane last Friday night at 11pm after a few days visiting friends in Melbourne then coming home via Tumbarumba-Tumut-Goulburn-Sydney. What a great Tragics tour!
First of all a big thanks to you and Tania for making it all happen. What an effort on your part. A big thanks also to Steve Smith and Big Pete for their prize giveaways at the Saturday bivouac, and Pete’s back-up with car and trailer was also re-assuring.
On a long hot afternoon between Mildura and Melbourne I road-tested Steve’s cool vest and it gets a big thumbs-up. Thanks Steve.
My ’83 XT did not miss a beat on my entire 6,000km round-trip, despite being given its head at every opportunity.
One highlight for me must surely be the arrival and associated aural sensations (read smells) of Colin from Claire when he joined us at Hawker. With sidecover rapidly melting on the exhaust, the look on Clubby’s face was priceless, but nothing that a roll of al-foil wouldn’t fix!
What a wonderful bunch of blokes, too, everyone happy to have a chat. It’s great to see different gear set-ups and there’s always something new to learn.
Having ridden and toured on the same ’83 Ténéré since 1986, it’s been a pleasure to be part of the inaugural Tragics Run to the Rocks which was a terrific and long overdue celebration of an icon. Keep spreading the Tenere love!
-- Dave Bottomley, Ténéré Tragic #8

Thanks for a great email, Dave. Rest assured there’s plenty of Ténéré love to go around and we'll keep spreading it for years to come. All four of you blokes who hit the ride aboard your original '83s have won my respect and admiration for showing the true Ténéré Tragics spirit. We just can't wait to see you blokes and your bikes again at next year's Tragics festival. And it will be interesting to see just how many more '83s we flush out of the woodwork ... bring it on!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Hi Tania: A big thank-you to Clubby and yourself for organising such a great event. My mate Dave (Tragic #41) and I did make it to Cameron’s Corner on the Thursday morning (first there!) but the closed roads and the news of the rest of the gang going around via Leigh Creek turned us around for our marathon drive/ride back to Leigh Creek to meet up with Clubby.
The few photos attached show some of our adventure without the 'lost night' in Broken Hill! There's also a pic of me and Clubby helping the 'tyre-shredder' after his his second blow-out! Would be very keen to hear the stats on who got flats and what tyres they were running?
Anyway we did 4,750kms in the week (including towing the bikes part-way from Melbourne!) Looking forward to Tragics II next year.
-- Ian, Ténéré Tragic #42

There's a million tall stories to come out of the first-ever Ténéré Tragics run, Ian, and you blokes sure have your fair share of them to tell. I still crack up when you blokes rolled into the servo at Leigh Creek and I yelled out, "Where have you come from?" and you yelled back, "Cameron Corner!" If you didn't have the photos to prove it, I would have never believed it. Great stuff! And then when you found Lucky Graeme's wallet on the road into Arkaroola, and then when you found Dave's rego plate on the Saturday, well, it's clear you blokes wear a lustre that can only be from the famed Ténéré Spirit. We look forward to catching you at the next Ténéré Tragics run.
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1


After being part of the inaugural Ténéré Tragics Run to the Rocks, Dubbo, NSW, Yamaha dealer Dave Readford and his mate Colin Hayden have now put their bikes at display at Dave's Readford’s Motorcycle Centre Yamaha dealership in Dubbo. Dave rode a new XT1200Z Supere Ténéré on the Tragics run, while Col rode a new XT660Z Ténéré -- and Col scooped up the Best Presented/Prepared XT660Z award at the event. Dave says the bikes will be on show for a couple of weeks, so any Ténéré fans passing through town who want to check out a couple of well used and well prepped XT-Zs, drop in at Readford's and have a good ol' gander at 'em. Pictured here is Dave on the left, with NT Tragic John Wheeler, who was passing through town on his way home to the Top End. Nice job, boys!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1


Hi Clubby & Tania: Just wanted to let you know that Ténéré Tragic #36 John Wheeler dropped in at the shop late this afternoon -- I was seeing a rep after hours and I think the only thing that helped us see one another again was the Ténéré spirit? John stopped to take a photo of his bike in front of the shop on his way from Victoria to Gilgandra -- yes he rides big days! And on a '99 model! But he reckons he'd rather be on his TDM900 ... Anyway, here's a photo of John outside our shop. Best of luck to everyone, and if you are ever in Dubbo, make sure you drop in at Readford Motorcycles and say g'day!
-- Dave Readford, Ténéré Tragic #21

Thanks for the update, Dave. After presenting John with his Longest Distance Travelled award at the Tragics event (he rode 3,600km from the Northern Territory to get there!), it's no surprise he got straight back on his bike and just kept on riding. And after hearing he's now passed through Dubbo, it sounds like he's got plenty more riding still to do. On ya, John! We'll see you all at next year's Ténéré Tragics ride.
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

Sunday, March 13, 2011



I don't know where to begin except to say the whole Ténéré Tragics experience was LIFE CHANGING. One week on and my mind is still there. It would have to be one of the greatest things I have ever done. I've been riding road bikes for 25 years. So as you know, this type of riding is relatively new to me. The whole experience from start to finish has been amazing. I have learnt so much with the greatest bunch of people anyone could ask for.
My hat goes of to all the people invoved with organising this event. I will move heaven and earth to be on every Tragics run in the future.
Between now and the next run I have much to learn, so I hope Yamaha runs a good adventure riding course.
Thank-you all so much and stay safe.
-- Dean, Ténéré Tragic #49

Great words, Deano, thanks for reporting in. For a first-timer in the dirt, you did unreal, so be proud of your achievement. Start racking up plenty more miles in the bush between now and next year's Tragics ride and you'll be roosting it up with the best of them. We look forward to seeing you there!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1


Gidday Clubby & Tania: Here is my blog but I’m not sure if I have posted it in the correct place.
Can you have a look and see if you can get it on the TT blogspot? Cheers!
Dave, Ténéré Tragic #35

Too easy, Dave: we've put the link here so the Tragics can hit it (or copy it into their browser) and take a look at your words and photos. Thanks again for coming along on the ride, and congrats once more for taking out the Best Presented/Prepared XT1200Z Super Ténéré award. Look forward to seeing you at next year’s Tragics event.
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1


Hi Clubby & Tania: Thanks for a great trip that was organised so well by you both. It was good to meet a group of great blokes. After leaving Arkaroola we went to the bike museum at Peterbourgh then moved on to Renmark and followed the Murray River back to Corryong and Khancoban. We then travelled over the mountains through to Thredbo, Jindabyne and Cooma, then on to Braidwood, arriving home Wednesday. Thanks again for a great trip; hope to see everyone next time.
-- Curtis, Ténéré Tragic #9

Sounds like a great ride home from the Flinders, Curtis. Thanks for coming along and we look forward to seeing you next year.
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

Saturday, March 12, 2011



Ténéré Tragic, ride sponsor and all-round awesome motorcycle industry mover and shaker, Steve 'Wolfman' Smith has just announced Australian pricing details for the fast-approaching range of Altrider accessories from the USA for the new Yamaha XT1200Z Super Ténéré.

The Wolfman has played an integral part in the development of these new Altrider goodies, as it was his own XT1200Z that was air-freighted across to Altrider HQ late last year for the crew there to use as their R&D test mule.

When they were done, the bike was then shipped back to OZ in time for Wolfy to join us on the Ténéré Tragics ride last week -- along with a sprinkling of pre-production Altrider parts that were used on both Steve's (pictured) and my XT1200Zs on the ride.

Steve advises that Altrider's production parts for the XT1200Z Super Ténéré will go on-sale in Aussie next month (April), although full product details and images can be viewed now on the www.altrider.com web site.

The Altrider range of parts and their local Australian pricing (inc GST) via Steve's www.adventuremoto.com.au emporium are as follows:

Engine protection bars - $469.95
Engine sump guard - $449.95
Rear luggage rack - $249.95
Exhaust header guard - $69.95
Sidestand foot - $69.95 (available now)
Rear brake cylinder cover - $89.95
Uni joint cover - $89.95

I ran the Altrider rear luggage rack (it’s a ripper, real strong, and with a handy 'cubby-hole' storage spot below the main rack), exhaust header guard, sidestand foot, rear brake master cylinder cover and universal joint cover on my 1200, while Steve ran the full complement on his bike. When we were hammering the rock farm, I sure was wishing I had an Altrider sump guard on my bike: as it's a strong and fully protective piece of hardware that has a whole lot more 'meat' to it than the Yamaha sump guard Yamaha had fitted to my bike.

For more details, check out the Altrider web site and then give Steve a yell at AdventureMoto.com.au on 1300 GO MOTO and give your Super Ténéré the protection it deserves.

-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

Friday, March 11, 2011



Hi Clubby & Tania: Thanks for a wonderful time at Arkaroola. It was my first big solo ride and it was a blast. The trip had everything.
Some of the highlights for me were:
+ Almost being hit by an old lady pulling out of her driveway in Hawker. She followed me into the servo where I was re-fuelling and apologised for not seeing me. How sweet.
+ I lost my number plate at Copley (not the rock farm), so I informed the Leigh Creek police (so I did not get booked on my way home) and an older local at the police station offered to create a homemade number plate at his place. He did not want me to get into strife with the police.
+ Meeting a smart bunch of riders who chose the Ténéré as their bike of choice. All I can say is, what a great bunch of guys! So many wonderful characters and I learnt a great deal.
+ Tassie Pete and myself buddied up on Saturday. We rode hard and fast and thankfully had no bike damage or drops for option 2 -- no latte stops for us! Apart from almost getting lost, the rock farm section was a challenge but we had a ball. Saturday was one of the best rides I have done. Thanks Tassie Pete!
+ Destroying a brand new rear D606 tyre in 200km of use from Broken Hill to Yunta – meaning an emergency tyre change at Port Augusta.
+ My chain coming off on the Arkaroola/Yunta road doing a smidge over the speed limit. Is there a speed limit on that road? In hindsight, it was quite scary.
+ Watching a rear tyre bead popping go wrong at Yunta petrol station (see photos).
For those that had injuries getting there or over the weekend, I hope you have a speedy recovery and I am looking forward to catching up with Ténéré Tragics #1 to #50 next year and any new ones.
Again, a big thank-you to TRAIL ZONE, Adventure Moto, Offroad Explorer and Yamaha Australia.
-- Richard, Ténéré Tragic #5

Thanks for your report, Richard. Yep, I reckon we all have plenty of memorable moments from what proved to be a mighty ride ... but by crikey! What happened with that rear tyre at Yunta on the way home? Looks like a little too much pressure trying to pop the bead had some unexpected consequences?! Thanks again for being part of the inaugural Ténéré Tragics run, we look forward to seeing you next year.
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1


As the Tragics on the Getting There Ride will know, Yamaha Motor Australia's Communications Manager, Sean Goldhawk, joined us for the first three days of the Ténéré Tragics Run to the Rocks ride from Goulburn to Hillston to Broken Hill to Hawker, before having to turn around the next morning and return to Broken Hill and fly home to Sydney. Earlier this week Sean (pictured) distributed an official Yamaha news bulletin about the Tragics event, which is reproduced below:

Ténéré Tragics Run to the Rocks
50 Yamaha Ténéré owners have showed their enthusiasm for the legendary model by tackling a dirt bike adventure to the Flinders Ranges in South Australia. The Ténéré Tragics Run to the Rocks was the first event of its kind for owners of all kinds of Ténéré from the original 1983 XT600ZL to the latest XTZ1200 Super Ténéré. The event was the brainchild of trail boss and Ténéré Tragic #1 Andrew Clubb (Clubby), editor of Trail Zone magazine and owner of an original 1983 model.
"What a blast of an event. It certainly was an action-packed ride and it appears all the Tragics have gone home well satisfied with the event," says Clubby who is now busy planning next year’s ride.
There were 27 Tragics on the official getting there ride which started from Hillston in NSW and took in Ivanhoe and Menindee on a variety of sealed and unsealed roads before rolling into Broken Hill. From there the plan was to head to Cameron Corner before turning south-west down the famed Strezlecki Track to Arkaroola for a for a day’s ride in the scenic Flinders Ranges.
Unfortunately bizarre weather patterns put a stop to the northbound fun because the road from Cameron Corner was closed due to rain. So the Tragics headed west to Yunta and then north on the dirt to the SA village of Hawker. The detour took the group across some water-covered sections, numerous sand wash-aways, dry rocky riverbeds and endless miles of Ténéré Tragics en route to Arkaroola Village in South Australia’s Flinders Ranges remote station tracks. But despite the challenging terrain, the Tragics made it through with minimum drama.
Having arrived at Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary, the Tragics were offered a choice of three loops of varying distances to choose from. Fortunately Steve Wolfman Smith from Adventure Moto was on hand to act as sweep on the ride and his good mate Big Pete provided a support vehicle with trailer.
Some minor incidents meant they were called into action on several occasions.
However, the Tragics returned to Arkaroola for a bivouac BBQ dinner on Sat 5 March where Clubby presented event merchandise and the much anticipated Ténéré Tragic awards to the well travelled group.
The major category winners were:
Best Presented/Prepared First Generation XT600/660 Ténéré: Michael Tucker (SA)
Best Presented/Prepared First Generation XTZ750 Super Ténéré: Paul Sitar (WA)
Best Presented Current XTZ660 Ténéré: Colin Hayden (NSW)
Best Presented Current XTZ1200 Super Ténéré: Dave Smith (Qld)
Oldest Ténéré: Neil Asplin, ‘83 XT600ZL Ténéré
Oldest Super Ténéré: Paul Sitar ‘91 XTZ750 Super Ténéré
Oldest Rider: Harley Drew, 64, XTZ1200 Super Ténére´
Youngest Rider: Luke Partridge, 16 (on L plates!), XTZ660 Ténéré
Most Kilometres Ridden to Event: John Wheeler, from Darwin River, NT, approx 3600km
Hard Luck Award: Chris Zakelj, cracked ankle
Most Truly Tragic Ténéré Tragic: This was a four-way tie. All four rode their original '83 XT600ZL Ténérés to the event and home again. That's the true Ténéré spirit! They are: Colin Jay (SA) Mike Haysom (Vic) Neil Asplin (Qld) Dave Bottomley (Qld)
"The inaugural Ténéré Tragics event was a huge success," says YMA Communications Manager and event participant Sean Goldhawk. "The numbers were capped at 50 and the organisers ended up turning away 25 owners who did not register in time. The high level of participation was mirrored with an equally strong appreciation of the Ténéré model and the Yamaha brand. These guys are all passionate about their motorcycles.
"Everyone enjoyed the ride, and there was a great spirit of cameradie among the riders -- the Ténéré spirit you could call it," explains Goldhawk.
The Ténéré Tragics ride is now set to be an annual event and with the increased support of YMA, the anticipation is for increased numbers in the future. Many thanks to organisers Tania and Andrew Clubb, Steve 'Wolfman' Smith and Big Pete. And well done to Yamaha dealers Dave Readford (Readford's MC Centre), Dave Wilson (Lithgow Bike Stop) and Craig Hartley (Dalby Moto) for participating in the event and supporting the product they sell.
Visit here to find out more:


G'day Clubby & Tania: I would like to thank both of you, Steve, Big Pete, Lance and Yamaha for putting on an absolutely great event. I would also like to thank all the other Tragics for their part in making the event what it was.
In the lead-up to the ride, I did have some doubts about it being a latte rider's run, but after meeting up with you at Hawker, these doubts rapidly faded. The ride out through the rock farm on Saturday morning was the final proof I needed to convince me that no one was looking for either a latte or baguette.
As a rider with 35 years of off-road riding experience, both trail and competition, my hat goes off to those riders with little dirt experience that took on the challenge of the rock farm and conquered it, and more so for those who rode 1200s through it.
I had a good trip home. After leaving the main group of Tragics at Yunta, I rode down the tar 17km to Paratoo, then took back to the dirt on the old Orraroo Road. I ventured down to Dawson (another virtual ghost town), then picked up some more dirt tracks to get me down to the old Kidman stock route, which got me down to where I work at North Brown Hill wind farm and then home via Boobarowie and Farrell Flat.
I probably rode the shortest distance of any Tragic, some 1,560km, and have been inspired by how well the old 'pig' handled it. I am now considering riding this year’s SA Reliability Trial series on it (Class M – pre 1990), including the 24 Hour (though only the Rally class).
As soon as I got home my Ténéré Tragics name tag went straight to the 'pool room' and now hangs with some of my other prized motorcycling treasures.
I will always be proud to be able to call myself one of the original Ténéré Tragics and would happily send you the entry fee tomorrow for next year's ride, no matter where it is heading.
-- Colin Jay, Ténéré Tragic #6

Now Colin, rest assured we, too, will be proud to call you an original Ténéré Tragic! I will never forget your arrival to join the group in Hawker. There we were, all us Tragics on the Getting There Ride, almost ready to leave the servo at Hawker, when I turned and looked south back down the main street and saw this big white/red/black lump of classic adventure bike history turn the corner and come thump-thump-thumping up to us. I knew right away it was an '83 and a tear welled up in the corner of my eye: another truly tragic Tragic! And then, as you pulled up in a flurry of emu feathers (after hitting a bird on the run up) and a massive cloud of pungent fumes after melting your right sideplate against the muffler, well, I just dropped to the floor and knew I was in the presence of Tragics greatness. And to think just a few days before your bike had been in a zillion pieces and you had sent us a photo of your fully loaded machine ... with just one part missing: the motor! Unreal! Now, after all the fun and games of the event (and, yes, the rock farm!), you and I must have gone so close to crossing paths on Sunday arvo. I left Arkaroola early Sunday morning to follow Tania out to Leigh Creek to make sure she got the dirt kays done okay before she started humming down to Adelaide to fly home to Sydney. I decided to get in a couple of bonus dirt sections on my way home and snuck through Beltana and Glass Gorge again on the way to Blinman, then zapped down to Hawker and decided to explore some dirt back roads south of Hawker on the way across to Yunta and then Broken Hill overnight. I ended up putting in a 760km day, and my wanderings took me right through Dawson, too! There's some good back-road riding to be had down there, which I've filed for future use. Thanks for coming along and we all look forward to seeing you at next year's ride.
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1



Hi all: I arrived home Wednesday evening after spending an extra day at Arkaroola and sight-seeing up the Murray River (looks great full of water) on the way home. Chatting with Doug in the workshop at Arkaroola on Sunday he again mentioned what a great group we were to have at the resort. So I think Clubby, Tania and all the rest of you Tragics are to be congratulated on the impression we left there.
Thanks again to all those who made the ride possible and helped me and the other Tragics who had mishaps or were new to adventure touring. It is good to see that our 'Fireies' are on the ball. Who took the pic and did not notice the remains of the after-burner? (sorry Morgan).
Thanks again to all of you Tragics for making it a memorable few days. I hope to do it all again next year.
And I need to pay a special thanks to whoever left the new fuel container on the back of my bike!
-- Peter Erickson, Ténéré Tragic # 51

Now, Pete, I can't help but feel you have glossed over a few salient facts in your report ... like the couple of hundred 'bonus' kilometres you got to do out of Hawker on Friday morning on a mission south to get a new rear tyre fitted to your bike? And then what about your little 'incident' late on Friday arvo on the gravel road across to Arkaroola when you smacked a rock at high speed, copped a front flat and then speared off the side of the road, through a drainage ditch and across the mulga for 100 metres ... all without hitting anything or laying it down? Amazing! It was a pleasure to then watch you swap out the front tube, before we finally cruised on to Arkaroola and made it there just before dark. And then, of course, the molten jerry can incident late on Saturday was another absolute pearler! How the bike didn't go up in flames will forever remain a mystery for the ages. Clearly the Ténéré gods were watching over us! Thanks for coming along and we'll catch you next year.
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

Thursday, March 10, 2011



Hi Tania & Clubby: I just wanted to say a big thank-you to both of you for the huge effort you put into organising the Run to the Rocks. I'm 42 years of age and the old Ténéré that I rode is the first bike I've ever owned and only purchased it in December, just so that I could go on the ride with you guys. The only other 'big' ride that I had done before was a ride to Wyangala Dam on a borrowed bike.
I got so much out of the Tragics ride and enjoyed the company of everyone who attended and can now say that I am indeed an addict.
I am also grateful to have the likes of Steve Smith as a kind of 'mentor' when it comes to riding. I realise that being the age I am I will never have the skills of Clubby (!) or Steve (!), but I will certainly be watching them closely whenever I get the opportunity and sucking their brains for as much information as possible.
I realise that being the last person to register, you both had every opportunity to turn me away, but didn't and for that I can't thank-you enough.
Once again, thank-you for your efforts in organising the ride and I am happy to say that this is the start of a beautiful love affair. All the best and I will see you again soon no doubt.
-- Morgan, Ténéré Tragic # 52.

Unreal story, Morgan, just unreal!We always tear-up at a love story, and you just about had us reaching for the tissues ... at which point I looked down proudly at my Moto Cement T-shirt from AdventureMoto.com.au and decided it was time to HTFU! (That's Morgan in the right of this photo, with Big Pete the AdventureMoto.com.au support vehicle driver.) Thanks for coming along on the ride and we're absolutely rapt to know you pushed the edge and got through it all, especially the final few kilometres back into Arkaroola on Saturday, when your bike started playing up and you had to push it a couple of kays to the next downhill to get it to bump-start. That was another ripper yarn from the ride! We look forward to seeing you on next year's Tragics ride.
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1


Hi Clubby & Tania: Well done guys, and thanks to all the sponsors and the Tragics themselves who were enthusiastic enough to get their entries in early. I'm used to riding heaps of kays on FJR1300s; now I have headed for the dirt and it still feels great. I'm extremely happy with the new Super T, it only needs a couple of mods to make it Supreme. Unlike some unlucky ones, I only have a couple of scrapes on my bashplate but a stronger one is coming.
Col and I returned via the dirt to Condobolin via Menindee, all up 3000km. Surprise, my Kendas are still road legal!
We have hundreds of photos of a lifetime adventure, so it was hard to choose only a few! To all the riders who participated and made it such a 'fun' ride, thanks for making it such. Time permitting I'll be there on the next one.
We have put a display in the shop of our two bikes 'as travelled' for a couple of weeks with credits to TRAIL ZONE and our sponsors. The local press are doing an article as well!
-- Dave Readford, Ténéré Tragic #21, Dubbo, NSW

Was great having you along on the Tragics ride, Dave. And as a Yamaha dealer, congrats on standing by the product you sell and putting it to good use out there in the real world. And while we're at it, we tip our Ténéré Tragics cap to Dave Wilson from Lithgow Bike Stop and Craig Hartley from Dalby Moto, as Yamaha dealers who also joined in on the Ténéré Tragics run. Both Dave and Craig also score bonus points for offering mechanical help when needed to a few fellow Tragics when we hit the rocks of the Flinders Ranges (and I do mean HIT the rocks!). Great to know you and Colin have your bikes on display in the shop -- if anyone is passing through Dubbo in the next couple of weeks, drop in at Readford Motorcycles and check out the 660 and 120 Ténérés sitting their contentedly waiting for their next big adventure ... bring it on!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1