Tuesday, February 22, 2011



Hi Clubby: Counting down till we take off for the Flinders Ranges. Fitted a GPS and new rear tyre to the Ténéré on the weekend. Took it out for a test-ride and shakedown in the hills around Melbourne with fellow tragic, Ian (his is the blue bike) ... and all systems are go. The photo is outside the coffee shop in Cockatoo. We also fitted two-way helmet intercoms with Bluetooth, for rider-to-rider communication. It's a fantastic bit of gear that makes riding a whole new experience.
-- Dave, Tenere Tragic #41

Looking good, Dave. Ain't nothing sweeter than a couple of slumbering Ténérés resting contentedly in their natural environment. See you soon! And hey, it looks like it's gonna be a zillion degrees out west in a week's time, so make sure you're running the biggest Camelbak you can find.
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

Sunday, February 20, 2011



G’day Clubby: Well as you keep telling us, the big day is almost here. So, I had a trial pack to see if I could fit all that was needed on the old girl. But I keep thinking that I have forgotten something ... oh, yeah, an engine! At present my engine is still spread all over my bench, however my friendly local dealer has promised that I should get my crankshaft back with a new con-rod fitted on Tuesday (February 22). Then it’s just a case of getting it all back together again and getting the old girl re-registered. Hopefully I will see you and the rest of the Tragics on Thursday morning in Broken Hill, otherwise I will catch you all at Arkaroola!
-- Colin, Ténéré Tragic #6

Thanks for your email, Colin. That photo is an absolute cracker! Now get back in the garage and get that beast back together and we’ll see you at Broken Hill, for sure!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

Tuesday, February 15, 2011



Hi Clubby: Getting very excited about the trip. Have purchased various gear from Steve at AdventureMoto.com.au and the bike goes in for new tyres and service on Thursday. The main reason for the email is to let you know my change of contact details. We have moved out of Toowong, we're flood refugees! We are at Jimboomba now. This trip may kill me but I will die with a smile. See you all shortly!
-- Geoff, Ténéré Tragic #24

Hi Geoff: Thanks for your email. The excitement sure is building! Don't worry, there will be plenty of fellow Tragics to make sure you see it all the way through. If not, well, hey, rest assured your bike will be well looked after ...
-- Clubby, Tenere Tragic #1

Tuesday, February 8, 2011



Hi Guys:
Are we going to be able to get there?
The road conditions for the area have most roads closed.
What's the scenario if road closures are still in place for the rally?
-- Chris, Ténéré Tragic #4

Experience suggests road closures come and go almost as quickly as the weather conditions change, Chris. The Flinders copped that huge storm late last week on the back of cyclone Yasi that hit far north Queensland and then just kept tracking inland. Right now a lot of roads in the Flinders are closed due to flooding and storm damage. But it's amazing just how fast the road gangs get things cleared up and access restored. We've still got a few weeks to go, so fingers crossed the weather clears and the roads dry out. Stay in touch!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

Thursday, February 3, 2011



Hi Clubby: I am one of the lucky ones joining you on the Ténéré Tragics ride. Just thought I would drop you a line and ask a couple of questions about getting there and other stuff. You said in one of the Bulletins that there are a number of people coming from all different set-off points, but I'm not sure about Sydney. I am based in Sydney and at this point unless I manage to get in touch with others leaving from here as a base, I am getting there on my own. Do you know if there is a group leaving from here and heading out ?
I am not sure how long to allow to get to the first meet-up point out there either, as I am very new to adventure riding. Most of my riding was on trail bikes in single-track type places with very little road miles to get anywhere. But I am really looking forward to the new experiences I am going to come by on this ride! Especially the sleeping out and stuff. Anyway, I'm raving on, so will look forward to any help and advice you can give me.
I have attached a photo of me and the bike. It's new (1,000km new) as I send this email and I'm still trying to get used to the size and weight of the thing. And the handling too! It's great on the road, though.
I was going to come on a '96 Ténéré but thought better of it as I wanted to be sure I had no issues on the ride, so I bought the new XT660Z. I love it so far! Would you be able to let me know my number also?
Thanks in anticipation and regards,
-- Theo, Ténéré Tragic #28

Thanks for your email, Theo, that's really good stuff! So many Ténéré Tragics have asked about a ride with me to the Getting There Ride at Hillston in central NSW. So I am aright now planning that Sydney riders can get together and play follow-the-leader on the Tuesday and we can do a cross-country run to Hillston -- so from Sydney that will be a 700km day all up. You will be welcome to join. Pack light and carry heaps of water in your Camelbak, its gonna be hot!
Okay, mate I gotta go, more miles to do today on our new XT1200Z Super Tenere!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1.