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Hi Clubby: I noticed I'm still on the tail end of the Tragics Blogspot (April 12th) looking for Tragic assistance to find an original 1983 XT600ZL 34L. It was soon after that article I spotted a fresh one on the Web and settled the deal quick. It's a nice original straight one that's had an easy life. Even the tank is straight. So they are still out there, although I haven't seen one advertised since. I have to say I reckon the old 550 might beat it off the mark, but with that bike on Flinders Island I can't compare. So you might have a new 34L contender for the next Ténéré Tragics event! Now, a couple of questions to throw at the other 34L owners: I've read the oil pump is a bit light-on and a 3AJ one is the go for longer engine life and a cooler running temp. Can anyone confirm? If so, are they an easy fit? Secondly, sometime in my bike's past life a nong has sprayed the frame in grotty gunbarrel grey. Can anyone confirm a code for the red frame color for a re-spray or powdercoat? Finally, if there are any Tragics near the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria I could be interested in hooking up with them for the annual event next year. Attached here is a photo of the beast.
-- Peter Crawford, Potential Ténéré Tragic

Thanks for your email, Pete, and welcome to the marvellous world of original '83 Ténérés -- you have joined an exclusive club indeed! Okay, we'll throw your questions up on the Ténéré Tragics Blogspot and stand-by for a response. I'd say it should not be long before some fellow Tragics chime in with the information you're looking for!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

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