Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Attention all Ténéré Tragics: the new Motorbikin' 5 DVD is out and it features a chunky segment on the 2011 Ténéré Tragics Run to the Rocks in the Flinders Ranges.

The segment follows Phil Hodgens and Dalby Moto's Craig Hartley on their mission just to get out to the Tragics event from south-east Queensland, and then their even more eventful return trip home ... in which the aforementioned Mr Hartley Esq manages to punch the guts out of his XT1200Z Super Ténéré in a rocky creek bed not too far from Arkaroola, thus dumping its engine oil.

Then, some time later in the middle of nowhere, he manages to thump a rock and flat-spot both front and rear rims at the same time -- thank heavens he was carrying tubes, huh?

But, of course, the mighty XT1200Z Super Ténéré carries him through and the pair eventually do make it home.

For more details on what is a cracker adventure bike riding DVD and to order your copy of the Motorbikin' 5 DVD, check out the www.motorbikin.com.au web site.

-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

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