Friday, January 6, 2012


Dear Clubby: Thank you for sending the latest 2012 Ténéré Tragics bulletin. My bike is dubbed the Drednought - it got its name from a friend who commented that,"It's as big as a bloody battleship!" So after that I named it The Drednought. Unfortunatly, latley it has been acting like it was at the battle of Juteland with the ship's telegraph stuck firmly on "make smoke". I pulled the head off to investigate and it turned out to be the valve stem seals on the zorst valves. So the head was sent away for a head job. The barrel still had the hone marks visible and still well within the limits, so that got a quick hone and new rings. The rest of it was just me looking and saying to myself, "Well ... while I've got this off ..." I have now locked myself out of the garage and will only go back in when all the parts etc get here (by the end of next week hopefully!). So I have a bit of work in front of me but plenty of time to do it.. I'm looking forward to the ride and the people. Are there any other REAL Super Teneres coming on the run? Anyhow see you at the gig.
-- Charlie Brown, Ténéré Tragic

Now that's what we like, Charlie, the sound of a confident Ténéré owner who has no worries about getting his mighty beast back together and making the start of the next Ténéré Tragics run! But judging by the photo, heck, you've got some work ahead of you, son. Now, XT750 Super Ténérés are surprisingly thin on the ground on the Tragics run, so you can expect to be in a rather exclusive clique when we all arrive at Mount Panorama in two months time. In the meantime, get back on the T-bars and get that bike together!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

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