Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Hello Clubby & fellow Tragics: Looking forward to catching up with you all in March and it certainly looks like it will be a fun week.
I was out for a ride this week and thought I had better take Clubby’s recent advice and stop near a house of worship and thank the gods of moto ... not so much to pray for not shredding tyres, but rather in my case to keep them inflated!
Now with regards to the tank search for the 600s, I think I have located one on the way back from a trip around the Victorian high country last year (okay, it is a bit secondhand, see photo). It was located at the Seldom Seen road house on the Barry Way (was that Simon and Garfunkle on the iPod)).
Anyway, all the best for the new year and see you soon at The Mountain.
-- Peter, Ténéré Tragic #51

Well spotted, Pete, for sure, as that tank and frame is coated in a fair old layer of rust, so you've done well to even recognise the ruins of what was obviously once a very fine adventure riding weapon! You know what else you've done? All our first-model XT600ZL riding Tragics will be racing one another to Seldom Seen to start a bidding war on the wreck! Okay, I gotta keep going. See you at Mount Panorama.
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

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