Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Hello Captain: Seasons greetings to all at TZ and hope you’ve found lots of quality touring accessories under the Christmas tree! I must have been really good this year because under my Christmas tree was a new gearbox cluster. The old one is pictured. Is this just what every ZL owner needs -- or what?! Some racing against the clock will be needed to get it sorted for Ténéré Tragics 2012 (although this seems to be a common thread amongst all us ZL guys!).
Now, Clubby, you’ve gone and got us all excited with the latest Tragics bulletin and those fantastic recce shots. Looks like a fabulous ride and I can’t wait, although I expect there could be a few gnarly bits along the way you may have omitted from your latest round of notes ... come on, ’fess up Clubby!
The route-sheet theory is a great idea, especially in flat tank-bag form, as you know there’s not much room on the flight deck of an early Tenny, so this will be appreciated by the pre ’88 riders I’m sure. Once again it seems your planning of the TT ride will be outstanding and no easy feat I’m sure, so a big thanks in advance to yourself and Tania.
Here’s hoping everyone has a very safe and fun 2012 Tragics ride.
-- Dave B, Ténéré Tragic #8

Thanks for your great note, Dave, and yes, every other ’83 XT600ZL Ténéré owner is going to be mighty jealous of your shiny new gearbox cluster. Get her fitted and get her put to good use, mate! Now, as I said in the most recent official pre-ride Bulletin sent to our Tragics registered for the 2012 ride, the course is shaping up to be pretty good. It’s all just real sweet Ténéré riding country ... all 1,750km of it! Honestly, I can’t wait, just like the rest of you. The route-sheets are a lot of work right now, but they will work just fine -- the important thing, though, is everyone has to be sure to follow them precisely! I've learnt many a lesson from all these self-navigation events I've ridden in the USA and NZ over the years and the critical thing is to navigate yourself, understand the route-sheet instructions and don’t just follow the bike in front of you -- if he's lost, you will soon be, too! Now, as for ‘gnarly’, mate, I need to be careful what I say ... last year I said the rocky bit out the back of Arkaroola went for just three kilometres -- and we all know how far off the mark I was with that one ... oops! Look forward to catching you in Bathurst in a few weeks time!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

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