Tuesday, November 30, 2010



Dear Fellow Tenere Tragics: I thought I would send in a couple of pics for the album: the first is from a beach ride on stock tyres when my Ténéré was only six weeks old. The second photo (published here) is the result of a hit from Emu #17 (so called as I had dodged the first 16!) outside of Thargomindah in September 2010 on a practice run for a Longest Day attempt in December. The feathers, front guard and emu guts on the bash plate indicate the Ténéré won the duel! The bike did not go down, despite going off the road and was still rideable, albeit with a broken headlight and bent front disc brake, forks, radiator and frame. The damage bill came to $5,000 after replacing the fairings etc but thankfully it was covered on insurance.
-- Mike, Ténéré Tragic #19

Talk about a close encounter of the feathered kind, Mike! That clash with the emu must have been way to close for comfort, so it's great to learn you and your Ténéré lived to tell the tale. So how's the Longest Day attempt shaping up now? Sounds like it's still pretty wet out west there on the way to Corner? You doing to get the jon done, or what?
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

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