Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Hi Clubby & Tania: Getting very excited. Only nine sleeps until we leave Adelaide to head to Bathurst. It's great to now have all the information on the fuel/food stops. I think Glenn and Michael were considering if they can set me up as a mobile food truck complete with an esky full of beer to meet them at the lunch stops ... but we’ll see. Café Latte anyone!
The ute and trailer is ready to go and I am more than happy to have sponsors stickers added to the vehicle for the Run and also if needed to be back-up for Pete. Here’s hoping no fellow riders will need a lift back ... unlike last year!
Attached is a photo of the boys' bikes as they were getting ready for a recent ride – unfortunately Greg who owns the white Ténéré is unable to make it to Tragics. In our group of friends there are seven Ténérés in total but I haven’t been able to get them all together for a photo. Michael is unsure if he is taking the ’88, which won him an award last year, or his recently acquired 750 Super Ténéré. He also has an ’83 sitting in the shed if need be. Too many options!
Well, back to the prep. Look forward to seeing you all at Bathurst.
-- Caron, Ténéré Tragic supporter, wife of Glenn (Dambo), Ténéré Tragic #14

Great news, Caron, and congrats to all your SA crew as you tie off all the loose ends for your Ténéré Tragics trip this year. Can’t wait to catch up with you all again, and thanks also for the offer of acting as an added support vehicle running from each overnight stop to the next. I am sure your vehicle and trailer will come in handy at some stage or another ... but you might live to regret the offer of Cafe Lattes -- Wolfy and Russ will be stopping you every chance they get! Can’t wait to see just which Ténéré Michael arrives on this year! Okay, I need to get out and do some more pre-running. C U soon!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

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