Sunday, December 12, 2010



So there I was just the other day, kicking back in the TRAIL ZONE workshop, gazing wistfully at the wonderful array of adventure riding options presented before me by my 'fleet' of original '83 and current Yamaha Ténérés ... when the silence was broken by the slamming of car doors and the scurrying of pint-size feet down the driveway.

"Uncle Clubby! Uncle Clubby!" two voices squealed as my nieces, Riley and Brodie, crashed through the doorway and busted the silence of my treasured Ténéré cave.

"What are you doing? Where are you taking us this weekend? Can we watch Foxtel? Can we watch the Suite Life with Zack and Cody? Can we go to the beach? Can we make videos on your work computer? Did Tania tell you we're playing Junior Masterchef tonight in your kitchen? And we're cooking Tofu!"

Yikes! Two pre-teenage grommets raging away at 100mph. It's a shock to the system when the biggest domestic responsibility you have to worry about (save for SWMBO!) is Albert the cat from next door sneaking into the garage and curling up in your Giant Loop Great Basin bag.

Anyway, all was going swimmingly for the next couple of hours as Zack and Cody kept the dynamic duo entertained ... until Riley poked her head in through the TZ office door and decreed: "I'm bored!"


"Why don't you take these pencils and this paper and go and do some drawing?" I proposed.

Amazingly she did, and the for next hour or so peace and quiet returned to TZ HQ -- until Riley returned with her artwork and proclaimed: "Pretty good, huh?!"

Well knock me down with an 83 Ténéré foam air filter element!

Riley's Ténéré Tragics artwork was just awesome, and will be going straight into a frame and taking pride of place on the TZ office mantlepiece ... right alongside the classic '83 Ténéré fuel tank and autographed Shane Watts KTM sideplate.

Thanks Riley! You can come watch Foxtel at Uncle Clubby's place anytime -- but next time leave the Tofu recipes at home ...

-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

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