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Hello Clubby and all: My name is Dave, I'm from from Brisbane and I'm a confirmed Ténéré Tragic (and yes, looking forward to getting my official number). My pride and joy and trusty steed for the big jaunt is my all original ’83 ZL, hereafter known as “Best Bike Ever Built” (BBEB). I purchased my gem in 1986 after much drooling in Yamaha shops about town and thinking the dollars were a bit much, but finally got my hands on the BBEB and I thought it was the ducks nuts and still do.
Attached are a few photos from a recent tour to the Centre with long-time touring mate Chris, and fellow BBEB owner, who can’t make the Arkaroola trip. On this ride tyre trouble 50km outside Boulia meant an overnight camp and a few ports around the fire. That’s me looking for the end of the tube in one photo, and the Boulia sunset is probably one of my favourite scenes. As for the middle photo, do you think this looks like a great woolly mammoth … oh! and also a big termite mound in the background.
Don’t be too alarmed at our touring set-up: it looks a bit agricultural but has stood the test of time, and we tend to think that if you haven’t got it with you, you’re probably not going to find it at the back ‘O’ Bourke.
Now, a couple of quick questions:
+ Will the young fast kiddies wait for the old fellas?
+ Do you think there should be enough sat phones floating around in the group?
Have just received the latest Ténéré Tragics newsletter and enjoy reading the latest news. I too am meeting the group at Hillston for the Getting There Ride and at this point am riding from Brisbane solo, probably via Dubbo but will keep an eye out for other Tragics en-route. Cheers for now,
-- Dave, Ténéré Tragic #8 and BBEB True believer!

Welcome aboard, Dave, and might I say right up front, you clearly qualify as a Ténéré Tragic of almighty proportions! As I have mentioned before, there are a handful of '83 XT600ZL Ténérés registered for the ride, which is absolutely fabulous, as that's the model that started the whole Ténéré religion (is that the right word? Are we Tragics part of a 'religion'? Or is disease a better word for it?!). To answer your questions, you are Ténéré Tragic #8, the young bucks can ride as fast or slow as they like as we've planned it that everyone ride can ride at their own pace, and I am guessing some riders will be carrying sat phones, but that's only a guess at this time. As stated from the outset, everyone needs to be entirely self-sufficient for the ride, so plan accordingly. Again, welcome aboard and keep giving that marvellous '83 BBEB plenty of TLC and she'll give it right back as you chug-a-lug through the Aussie outback with your 'fellow disciples' in the first week of March!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

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