Tuesday, December 14, 2010



Hey Clubby: You guys are doing a good job with this Ténéré Tragics ride! Now, I've got just a couple of quick questions: I'm wondering what Luke and my ID numbers are? Also, how big a fuel bladder do you reckon the 660 Ténéré will need?
-- David, Ténéré Tragic

Thanks for your email, Dave. Okay, here's the scoop: 1). You are Tenere Tragic #25 and your boy Luke is Tenere Tragic #26. Awesome that we've got a father/son combo along on the ride! 2). Re the fuel bladder, I just spoke with Steve Smith at AdventureMoto.com.au and he advised the bladders are available in 4, 8 and 12 litre sizes. When not in use they roll up to the size of a Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, so you can stash them in your luggage. Then when you need extra fuel range, you just get 'em out, fill 'em up and because they end up shaped like a pillow, you can just strap them atop your luggage, usually with a small elastic cargo net, or even direct to the straps on your luggage (as Clive is doing in this photo with the fuel bladder atop his V-Strom). As for which size you get, it comes down to what range you need and how thirsty your bike is. I am going to carry an 8 litre bladder for the run from Cameron Corner down to Arkaroola -- where we need around 470km range. After we leave Cameron Corner, I will stop after about 100km and empty some fuel from the bladder into the tank, and then stop again later and empty the balance in, then put the bladder away for the rest of the day. Like I said in the latest Ténéré Tragics Bulletin, the crew at AdventureMoto.com.au are doing discounts for Ténéré Tragics, so make sure you call them on 1300-GO-MOTO and say you are on the ride. Steve also let us know he's doing a special deal on SPOT trackers for just $199 plus subscription fee. If you've got a missus at home who wants to keep track of you and Luke on the ride, the SPOT trackers are a great way of doing just that -- although make sure you send an OK signal each night and turn it off before we hit the pub -- don't want the girls at home thinking we're all parked on bar stools each night for hours on end ... now do we?!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

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