Monday, December 6, 2010



Normally I am a man of few words (that is until I've got a few beers under my belt). I've been around now for over half a century and in that time at about 11 years old started riding bikes, aboard anything that had an engine and I could strip all the junk off and ride around a paddock. I got on the road at age 16 and rode various road bikes until my early 20s when the kids came along and with family and work commitments I only occasionally got to ride the odd bike until six years ago when I again started riding touring-type bikes. I decided about three years ago that I needed a bike that would do a bit more than just road work, so I bought a V-Strom and rode 18,000km in 15 months. I got the adventure riding bug and when the new XT660Z was released, I bought one and have used it since for everyday use and weekend runs out to the bush. When Yamaha announced the Super Tenere was to be released, I couldn't help myself and ordered one. The S10 was just what I wanted for the long-haul runs: I got the bike in mid-July, fresh off the boat and I've kitted it out with crash bars, soft panniers, top box, GPS and bar raisers. The bike is a joy to ride, light with a low centre of gravity, very easy to handle in traffic and off-road, with the ability to change your riding style with the flick of a few switches. I still have a few bits to buy for her, which will be done before the Tragics Run to the Rocks. So there we have it, although I am a new Tragic, I can say the Teneres have got me and I cant see myself parting with either of them. Cheers, and looking forward to seeing you all in March 2011.
-- Ken, Ténéré Tragic #13

With a new 660 and 1200 parked in your garage, that is serious case of Ténéré-itis you are suffering from there, Ken. But hey, when the bug bites, sometimes it bites hard! Thanks for sending us your photo and details -- we'll see you on the Run to the Rocks in March -- but which Ténéré are you going to bring???
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

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