Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Hi Tania: A big thank-you to Clubby and yourself for organising such a great event. My mate Dave (Tragic #41) and I did make it to Cameron’s Corner on the Thursday morning (first there!) but the closed roads and the news of the rest of the gang going around via Leigh Creek turned us around for our marathon drive/ride back to Leigh Creek to meet up with Clubby.
The few photos attached show some of our adventure without the 'lost night' in Broken Hill! There's also a pic of me and Clubby helping the 'tyre-shredder' after his his second blow-out! Would be very keen to hear the stats on who got flats and what tyres they were running?
Anyway we did 4,750kms in the week (including towing the bikes part-way from Melbourne!) Looking forward to Tragics II next year.
-- Ian, Ténéré Tragic #42

There's a million tall stories to come out of the first-ever Ténéré Tragics run, Ian, and you blokes sure have your fair share of them to tell. I still crack up when you blokes rolled into the servo at Leigh Creek and I yelled out, "Where have you come from?" and you yelled back, "Cameron Corner!" If you didn't have the photos to prove it, I would have never believed it. Great stuff! And then when you found Lucky Graeme's wallet on the road into Arkaroola, and then when you found Dave's rego plate on the Saturday, well, it's clear you blokes wear a lustre that can only be from the famed Ténéré Spirit. We look forward to catching you at the next Ténéré Tragics run.
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

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