Tuesday, March 8, 2011



Dear Clubby and Tania: Firstly, thanks so very much for the Run to the Rocks 2011 ride. Had a fantastic time, meeting lots of fellow Tragics, and the Flinders Ranges were spectacular. I had a good run home from Arkaroola, getting home about 6am Monday morning all safe and well.
I have sent through some pics that to me are all things Tenere!! You (Clubby) with Dave's 83 at the ruins north of Yunta. The first big dry crossing that caused a bit of carnage. Friday's lunch break at Chambers Gorge. Tenere's old and new at Arkaroola and finally me and my '09.
It was great to see so many people on the ride from all over the country, all united by a motorbike and your idea to hold this event.
I learnt a lot about the bike and the countryside of western NSW and the Flinders Ranges and now can't wait to get back up that way and maybe even Cameron Corner or Birdsville and maybe even a desert run one day.
Looking forward to finding out what could possibly next for the Tragics in 2012!
Once again, thanks to you and Tania and the TRAIL ZONE team.
-- Troy Mattson, Ténéré Tragic #31

Thanks for the email and your photos, Troy. I just love that pic in the centre ... "Tragic down! Tragic down!" I heard there was a little carnage back in the dry creek bed as we carved our way from Yunta to Holowilena, but it adds a whole new dimension to actually see photos of it. Look at all those pannier cases littering the ground -- awesome! I'm just stoked that all the boys at the back of the pack chewed down some Moto Cement and carried on, that's the Ténéré Spirit. See you next year mate, for sure.
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

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