Thursday, March 10, 2011



Hi Tania & Clubby: Thank-you for a wonderful weekend away in the spectacular Flinders Ranges. As a 'local' travelling up from Adelaide I take my hat off to all the other Tragics who covered huge distances to get there, I definitely felt as if I had had a decent ride arriving home Sunday evening and was thinking about all the lads who were still on the road.
I was chuffed to win the Best Presented First Generation 600/660 Tenere Award, and it really made the last six months spent in the shed every night seem all worth it. With only getting my bike back together two days before we left and only a 20km shakedown ride, I was hoping that the Tenere legend would smile upon me and be reliable -- it did and I had an incident-free weekend, with no get-offs, no mechanicals, no flats, nothing!
One of the best things about the weekend I would have to say was meeting all the other Tragics. I never realised how many of us were out there.
And the rock garden (or Road of Bones as it was affectionately called) ... what a section! Three kilometres x ten of FUN!
I am already planning next years trip !!
-- Michael Tucker aka Tux, Ténéré Tragic #3

Congratulations again on your award, Tux -- it was thoroughly deserved. And thanks a bundle for the photos: your bike looks every bit as good on camera as it did in the flesh. Great work and well done on a most impressive resto. We look forward to seeing you at next year's Ténéré Tragics ride ... and don't worry, it'll be good!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

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