Friday, March 11, 2011



Hi Clubby & Tania: Thanks for a wonderful time at Arkaroola. It was my first big solo ride and it was a blast. The trip had everything.
Some of the highlights for me were:
+ Almost being hit by an old lady pulling out of her driveway in Hawker. She followed me into the servo where I was re-fuelling and apologised for not seeing me. How sweet.
+ I lost my number plate at Copley (not the rock farm), so I informed the Leigh Creek police (so I did not get booked on my way home) and an older local at the police station offered to create a homemade number plate at his place. He did not want me to get into strife with the police.
+ Meeting a smart bunch of riders who chose the Ténéré as their bike of choice. All I can say is, what a great bunch of guys! So many wonderful characters and I learnt a great deal.
+ Tassie Pete and myself buddied up on Saturday. We rode hard and fast and thankfully had no bike damage or drops for option 2 -- no latte stops for us! Apart from almost getting lost, the rock farm section was a challenge but we had a ball. Saturday was one of the best rides I have done. Thanks Tassie Pete!
+ Destroying a brand new rear D606 tyre in 200km of use from Broken Hill to Yunta – meaning an emergency tyre change at Port Augusta.
+ My chain coming off on the Arkaroola/Yunta road doing a smidge over the speed limit. Is there a speed limit on that road? In hindsight, it was quite scary.
+ Watching a rear tyre bead popping go wrong at Yunta petrol station (see photos).
For those that had injuries getting there or over the weekend, I hope you have a speedy recovery and I am looking forward to catching up with Ténéré Tragics #1 to #50 next year and any new ones.
Again, a big thank-you to TRAIL ZONE, Adventure Moto, Offroad Explorer and Yamaha Australia.
-- Richard, Ténéré Tragic #5

Thanks for your report, Richard. Yep, I reckon we all have plenty of memorable moments from what proved to be a mighty ride ... but by crikey! What happened with that rear tyre at Yunta on the way home? Looks like a little too much pressure trying to pop the bead had some unexpected consequences?! Thanks again for being part of the inaugural Ténéré Tragics run, we look forward to seeing you next year.
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

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