Friday, March 11, 2011



Hi all: I arrived home Wednesday evening after spending an extra day at Arkaroola and sight-seeing up the Murray River (looks great full of water) on the way home. Chatting with Doug in the workshop at Arkaroola on Sunday he again mentioned what a great group we were to have at the resort. So I think Clubby, Tania and all the rest of you Tragics are to be congratulated on the impression we left there.
Thanks again to all those who made the ride possible and helped me and the other Tragics who had mishaps or were new to adventure touring. It is good to see that our 'Fireies' are on the ball. Who took the pic and did not notice the remains of the after-burner? (sorry Morgan).
Thanks again to all of you Tragics for making it a memorable few days. I hope to do it all again next year.
And I need to pay a special thanks to whoever left the new fuel container on the back of my bike!
-- Peter Erickson, Ténéré Tragic # 51

Now, Pete, I can't help but feel you have glossed over a few salient facts in your report ... like the couple of hundred 'bonus' kilometres you got to do out of Hawker on Friday morning on a mission south to get a new rear tyre fitted to your bike? And then what about your little 'incident' late on Friday arvo on the gravel road across to Arkaroola when you smacked a rock at high speed, copped a front flat and then speared off the side of the road, through a drainage ditch and across the mulga for 100 metres ... all without hitting anything or laying it down? Amazing! It was a pleasure to then watch you swap out the front tube, before we finally cruised on to Arkaroola and made it there just before dark. And then, of course, the molten jerry can incident late on Saturday was another absolute pearler! How the bike didn't go up in flames will forever remain a mystery for the ages. Clearly the Ténéré gods were watching over us! Thanks for coming along and we'll catch you next year.
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

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