Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Hi Clubby & Tania: Just wanted to let you know that Ténéré Tragic #36 John Wheeler dropped in at the shop late this afternoon -- I was seeing a rep after hours and I think the only thing that helped us see one another again was the Ténéré spirit? John stopped to take a photo of his bike in front of the shop on his way from Victoria to Gilgandra -- yes he rides big days! And on a '99 model! But he reckons he'd rather be on his TDM900 ... Anyway, here's a photo of John outside our shop. Best of luck to everyone, and if you are ever in Dubbo, make sure you drop in at Readford Motorcycles and say g'day!
-- Dave Readford, Ténéré Tragic #21

Thanks for the update, Dave. After presenting John with his Longest Distance Travelled award at the Tragics event (he rode 3,600km from the Northern Territory to get there!), it's no surprise he got straight back on his bike and just kept on riding. And after hearing he's now passed through Dubbo, it sounds like he's got plenty more riding still to do. On ya, John! We'll see you all at next year's Ténéré Tragics ride.
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

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