Thursday, March 10, 2011



Hi Clubby & Tania: Well done guys, and thanks to all the sponsors and the Tragics themselves who were enthusiastic enough to get their entries in early. I'm used to riding heaps of kays on FJR1300s; now I have headed for the dirt and it still feels great. I'm extremely happy with the new Super T, it only needs a couple of mods to make it Supreme. Unlike some unlucky ones, I only have a couple of scrapes on my bashplate but a stronger one is coming.
Col and I returned via the dirt to Condobolin via Menindee, all up 3000km. Surprise, my Kendas are still road legal!
We have hundreds of photos of a lifetime adventure, so it was hard to choose only a few! To all the riders who participated and made it such a 'fun' ride, thanks for making it such. Time permitting I'll be there on the next one.
We have put a display in the shop of our two bikes 'as travelled' for a couple of weeks with credits to TRAIL ZONE and our sponsors. The local press are doing an article as well!
-- Dave Readford, Ténéré Tragic #21, Dubbo, NSW

Was great having you along on the Tragics ride, Dave. And as a Yamaha dealer, congrats on standing by the product you sell and putting it to good use out there in the real world. And while we're at it, we tip our Ténéré Tragics cap to Dave Wilson from Lithgow Bike Stop and Craig Hartley from Dalby Moto, as Yamaha dealers who also joined in on the Ténéré Tragics run. Both Dave and Craig also score bonus points for offering mechanical help when needed to a few fellow Tragics when we hit the rocks of the Flinders Ranges (and I do mean HIT the rocks!). Great to know you and Colin have your bikes on display in the shop -- if anyone is passing through Dubbo in the next couple of weeks, drop in at Readford Motorcycles and check out the 660 and 120 Ténérés sitting their contentedly waiting for their next big adventure ... bring it on!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

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