Thursday, March 10, 2011



I just got home and want to say thanks again, Tania and Clubby, the Ténéré Tragics event was a credit to both of you and how you did it. I have never had such a great time with such a wonderful bunch of people.
And Clubby, my sump is still not leaking, thanks to Theo's putty and Dave's help -- thanks guys!
I will be keen to see where the next Ténéré Tragics ride is.
-- Graeme Bensley, Ténéré Tragic #10

You know, Graeme, I have to admit that the very moment you rolled up behind me as we regrouped at the tar road at Parachilna after rolling down the hills from Glass Gorge, I knew exactly what had happened when I saw that pool of oil under your sump. And I knew it would only end in one of two ways: someone would either MacGyver it and get you out of trouble, or you'd be stuck with a very expensive transport bill to get your 1200 back to somewhere that it could be worked on! So how good was it that Theo's metal putty and Dave's mechanical skills came through? That was awesome! And to think you've banged on another couple of thousand kays on the bike since the fix was made. A great advert for metal putty, for sure! And what about Lithgow Dave himself then holing the sump on his 1200 the next day, and then Crag Hartley punched a hole in his 1200's sump another day later on the way home. Some of you 1200 riders made quite a habit of it, huh? And hey, don't forget those other two Tragics who found your wallet on the side of the trail on the way into Arkaroola -- you are one lucky Tragic, for sure! Anyway, great to read you, too, enjoyed the Tragics ride. We'll see you at next year's event!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

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