Monday, March 7, 2011



Hi Clubby: Bad news, after all the best laid plans, our Ride to the Rocks with the Ténéré Tragics has been cut short. Mike (TT #48) and I left Adeliade this morning (Friday) at 7:30 am, but little did we know that just one hour later Mike would part company with his bike courtesy of an unfortunate circumstance. The damage to both Mike and his bike will mean that we won't be joining you. Instead it would appear that the weekend will more likely be spent in the Accident & Emergency department. It's a pity, as the bikes looked really great in the dawn light on the Port Wakefield Road. I hope you all have a great time, and hopefully we can join you on the next Ténéré Tragics run.
-- Stuart, Ténéré Tragic #47

Thanks for the email, Stuart. We also received your phone message when we arrived at Arkaroola on Friday, so thanks heaps for letting us know about your dramas. Here's hoping Mike and his machine will make a full recovery. We had an awesome time on the Tragics run and all the feedback we've had so far has been extremely positive, which is super-encouraging for us. I'm definitely getting the feeling this event is just the start of something big! Look forward to seeing you at the next Ténéré Tragics run.
-- Clubby, Ténére Tragic #1

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