Thursday, March 10, 2011



Hi Tania & Clubby: I just wanted to say a big thank-you to both of you for the huge effort you put into organising the Run to the Rocks. I'm 42 years of age and the old Ténéré that I rode is the first bike I've ever owned and only purchased it in December, just so that I could go on the ride with you guys. The only other 'big' ride that I had done before was a ride to Wyangala Dam on a borrowed bike.
I got so much out of the Tragics ride and enjoyed the company of everyone who attended and can now say that I am indeed an addict.
I am also grateful to have the likes of Steve Smith as a kind of 'mentor' when it comes to riding. I realise that being the age I am I will never have the skills of Clubby (!) or Steve (!), but I will certainly be watching them closely whenever I get the opportunity and sucking their brains for as much information as possible.
I realise that being the last person to register, you both had every opportunity to turn me away, but didn't and for that I can't thank-you enough.
Once again, thank-you for your efforts in organising the ride and I am happy to say that this is the start of a beautiful love affair. All the best and I will see you again soon no doubt.
-- Morgan, Ténéré Tragic # 52.

Unreal story, Morgan, just unreal!We always tear-up at a love story, and you just about had us reaching for the tissues ... at which point I looked down proudly at my Moto Cement T-shirt from and decided it was time to HTFU! (That's Morgan in the right of this photo, with Big Pete the support vehicle driver.) Thanks for coming along on the ride and we're absolutely rapt to know you pushed the edge and got through it all, especially the final few kilometres back into Arkaroola on Saturday, when your bike started playing up and you had to push it a couple of kays to the next downhill to get it to bump-start. That was another ripper yarn from the ride! We look forward to seeing you on next year's Tragics ride.
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

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