Wednesday, March 9, 2011



Hi Clubby: Just wanted to say a really big THANK-YOU to you and Tania, as well as Steve (Wolfman) Smith and Big Pete from and Sean from Yamaha and all the other sponsors of the Tenere Tragics ride 2011. You put together a really fantastic and unforgettable event!
Having never done any riding like this (multi-day, long kilometres), I was a bit apprehensive to begin with, but you made it seem all very possible and not difficult. There were a lot of fellow Tragics who also gave reassurance and a few words of support. It really did feel like a club, or more to the point, a brotherhood of like souls.
It's been a huge learning curve that has left a taste for adventure in my mind and heart that I think will be a part of me now forever.
I got home without much incident as I took the easy way (mostly bitumen) home. My rear tyre was near to smooth and I kinda started thinking of all the bad things that could happen, especially after watching a tyre change at Arkaroola performed by Dave from Lithgow Bike Stop on Steve's 660. Two of them trying to break the bead on a rear tyre with the LONG tyre irons and it was still tough! Whew, imagine me on my own? With my tyre changing expertise? No way!
I have attached a few photos of some of the things that happened on the ride and wanted to share them with fellow Tragics that may not have been there, or for those that were, they're a chance to remember and maybe add to the whole experience.
I can't wait to find out where next year's Tragics ride is going to be? But I know you won't say where that will be yet, so until next time, happy trails!
-- Theo Katotikidis, Ténéré Tragic #28

Great words, Theo, and thanks for your appreciation. You were the first Tragic I teamed up with, at Goulburn on the Getting There ride to the official Getting There Ride as we made our way across to Hillston with Sean from Yamaha last Tuesday. Right from the get-go you made it clear you were pretty green and new to the big wide world of adventure bike riding, but you definitely had the right attitude and were keen to dive in at the deep-end, so good on you! Now look at you a week later: all keen to get out there and practise your tyre changes and then fire up again for the next Tragics Run! Thanks a bundle for sharing your photos: we love the home-made rego plate in the final pic! Thanks again for joining in and we'll see you next year!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

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