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Hi Clubby & Fellow Tragics: Following on from the recent Run to the Rocks and having had some nervous moments on the trip, I felt the need to expose my Ténéré to more enduro-type tracks and for me to "harden up a bit"! It may even be worth a few articles on dual-sport riding techniques in upcoming TRAIL ZONE editions to help prep the Tragics for next year?
The included photos are from a recent excursion in the wet (as usual) around Pomona on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. There were interludes of open, although rutted track, followed by quagmires where 4WDs have done their best to make them impassible. The Tenere did not appreciate the bog hole I put her in (shown in attached photo being held up by a fellow rider) and getting her out proved to be a bit of a mission in the slippery mud, but overall it was a character building experience -- that is, one that does not kill you and you learn from.
I had my suspension wound out a bit and the Ténéré comfortably handled the G-outs experienced when at pace across the erosion mounds. Speaking of which, my new replacement number plate has now been repositioned as per the specs on your Blog and although doing my best to dislodge it, it is still in place!
On another matter, you no doubt have numerous photos of the Ténéré Tragics ride that will not see the light of day in publications or on the web site. Is it possible to get a copy of these or will they be available for purchase in the future as a special-edition CD?
Thanks again!
-- Mike Ruoso, Ténéré Tragic #19

Now, Mike, I am seriously impressed! Keep up this trail and enduro-type training on your mighty 660 and you will dance through next year’s Ténéré Tragics ride on the back wheel, with a spray of roost behind you all the way! Great stuff. I can’t remember, but had you installed stiffer fork springs in your 660? If not, do it! It’s only a couple of hundreds bucks for firmer fork springs and oil and the difference this easy mod makes to the way the 660 handles the dirt is astounding. The same goes for the rear end, although installing an Ohlins shock like we did with our XT660Z Ténéré Project Bike last year is rather more expensive than a set of fork springs ... I like your idea re riding tips in the mag, although if you want a free tip on getting some adventure bike riding tips right now, get onto the www.adventuremoto.com.au web site and order a copy of the Advanced Dual-Sport Riding Techniques DVD ($39.95) and then settle back in front of the big screen and take it all in. It's loaded with a zillion great tips you can put to good use on your next rides. As for your request about the photos from the Ténéré Tragics ride, stay tuned and we’ll put out a bulletin to the Tragics and see how many of you are interested. Ride on!
-- Clubby, Ténéré Tragic #1

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